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Welcome to the Greenbriergames wiki site. Here you will find detailed information for current and future Greenbriergames gaming products.

Use the side bar to browse our dynamic boardgaming rule books (dynamic in that we'll be using this site to track errata, updates and fixes to any mechanics that are somewhat grey or unclear..for future editions, also useful to pull up during a live game with a tablet or mobile phone).

In addition, check out new RPG "Zpocalypse: Aftermath", based on the mechanics of d20 modern by wizards of the coast and Pathfinder by Paizo publishing. The hope is to transcribe the Zpocalypse into a playable RPG using the above rule sets.

*Note that the current rules are focused on the Aftermath scenario of the campaign timeline, wherein the atmosphere of the world is still within the realm of plausibility, if you can look past a zombie apocalypse happening and nuclear bombs being used to assist in eradicating them...Future campaign timelines will take a more fantastic approach, adding mutations, psionic abilities and sub human races for future game play choices.

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